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R. Frank Busby (Roswell Frank Busby) was a native of New York and joined the US Naval Oceanographic Office in 1960 where he was the Branch Head of the Deep Ocean Survey Vehicles Project.

Busby was responsible for determining the design characteristics, oceanographic sensors and operational techniques for a 20,000 foot depth deep ocean survey vehicle and for conducting oceanographic experiments during the mission of the Gulf Stream Drift in a research submersible named Ben Franklin. This research event is documented at both NASA and the Vancouver Maritime Museum web sites.

Manned Submersibles was published by the U.S. Navy - Office of the Oceanographer in 1976.   In the 1980's, Busby formed his own consulting company called R. F. Busby Associates, Inc. which provided underwater research for both government and private companies.   Various archived documents of Busby's consulting work can still be found on the Internet such as
  • Undersea Inspection of Subsea Production Systems
  • Arctic Undersea Inspection of Pipeline and Structures
  • Technologies for Prehistoric & Historic Preservation

Submarine geology of the Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas / R. Frank Busby. 1962